Tools of the trade, for

A typical day

Every morning, after I do my morning meditation, I get out my French press and make a good cup of coffee. Nowadays, I mainly drink Barako and Liberica, but I also love Trung Nguyen's Sang Tao coffees.

Next, I open up my laptop, a ASUS ZenBook 14 Flip OLED loaded with EndeavorOS, utilizing the Cinnamon desktop environment. I travel light: the only peripherals I brought are my MX Master 3 mouse, a 1TB External SSD, and my Steam Controller for occasional gaming.

If I'm developing that day, I launch one of my JetBrains IDEs: PyCharm Professional for Python, or WebStorm for anything front-end related. I also use WebStorm to work on ebooks—in the end, those are just html pages too after all—which I proofread on my Pocketbook Era Stardust Silver.

All my notes end up in Joplin. Most of my writing does, though occasionally I rely on Ensō, a lovely minimalistic writing tool.

None of this applies on a freediving day. Instead of coffee, I'll stretch for a bit, put on my ATMOS Mission2 dive computer, and jump on my Honda BeAT FI to head to the ocean. As for gear, I wear a Freediving Wetsuit by Go Deep, Go Deep pure carbon long fins, a Cressi Nano freediving mask and a Go Deep snorkel.

In loving memory of my old home office

I love my new life in South-East Asia, and I have all that I need here. However, I was quite content with my setup back in the Netherlands too.

My home setup

On the desk: custom-built desktop PC | two curved 27" screens | Logitech MX Master 3 mouse | Logitech MX Keys | Logitech Z407 2.1 speaker set

Also in the room: Herman Miller Aeron | Bodum French press | Shintaro Kago print "Sadistic Circus 1" | Naoto Hattori original | two Sam & Max figurines