ZenHN is a minimalistic single page website, listing the highest ranking links of Hacker News and nothing else.

As a developer, I'm naturally curious and like to stay up to date on recent IT developments. I'm also easily distracted by endless scrolling, comment sections and information rabbit holes. To find a balance (and because quiet hacker news disappeared a few times already), I wrote zenHN: the HackerNews frontpage, brought back to just a list of links.

Features * Calm: ZenHN is deliberately minimalist in design. IMO, the title and domain name are sufficient to decide if an article is worth reading. * Easy on the eyes: There are no ads, comment sections, images or other distractions. There is also a dark version, because I know my target audience. * No frills: No cookies and no javascript. The full page with assets weighs less than 50kb, and that's before gzip.

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Own productions

Thích Thanh Từ - Keys to Buddhism (epub)
An introduction to Zen Buddhism in the Vietnamese Thiền tradition, by Zen Master Thích Thanh Từ.

Guillaume Apollinaire - The Poet Assassinated (In preparation)

For Standard Ebooks

Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces new editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, open source, free of U.S. copyright restrictions, and free of cost.

J-K. Huysmans - Against the Grain (1884)
Ailing, neurotic, and bored with the world, a French nobleman retreats to a secluded cottage in the countryside to create an artificial paradise for himself.

Edmond and Jules de Goncourt - Germinie Lacerteux (1865)
A French country girl from a poor family lives a hidden life of debauchery, while working as a maidservant in Paris.

Karl Gjellerup - The Pilgrim Kamanita (1906)
A merchant's son sets on a pilgrimage after a life of love, loss, business and pleasure, and unknowingly relates his tale to the Buddha.

Edgar Saltus - The Truth About Tristrem Varick (1888)
A righteous, idealistic young New Yorker falls for a singer and experiences the thorny sides of society and love.